The Transformation 2000 Network

 A Co-Creation

We are now in the Age of Communication that is 
fast becoming the Age of Consciousness.

With this power of communication we can now choose to consciously create the next age being The Age of Compassion and Wisdom and Birth our Planet of Love.

The Transformation 2000 Network is an evolving ego free organic networking group that is proving to be the cornucopia of communication.

This is the first pass of the Delphi Process that
is explained after the listing of the

 This insures our success.

Those using the Delphi Process will send their input to
The Transformation 2000 Network for the next edition of the WordMaps®. They will be updated and republished every few years creating a powerful co-creative process.

This creates the script or our EPIC movie and initiative.

David J. Harris
P.O. Box 1122
Del Mar CA 92014

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