Reading Inspirationally...

 leaves us open to reading between the lines and having the space for our own personal inspiration that comes from this openness.  Openness creates Word Maps being Love Maps. 

 Love maps allow traveling between the lines without obstruction revealing your personal spirit purpose for existence. Free flow exploring is the super position of all possibilities.

 Having a new experience of reading between the lines of the Word Maps creates the space you will need for all the self-fulfillment you could ever desire.

 These Word Maps are designed so that as you read in this open space, you will have insights based on your heartfelt truth for living your ultimate life adventure.

 Write down the insights to yourself as you follow the Word Maps and at the end you will have your personal answer for your greatest fulfillment.

 Send your insights to us and the essence of your ideas will be incorporated in the next edition of the Word Maps.

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