The following articles are included in Volume I:

Volume I

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Current Research in the Prime Cause of Healing
Irving Oyle, DO

Therapeutic Touch and Healing Energies from the Laying-on of Hands
Dolores Krieger, RN, PhD

Holistic Applications of Clinical Biofeedback and Meditation
Kenneth R. Pellitier, PhD

Biophysics and Control of Healing Energies
E. Stanton Maxey, MD

Applying Edgar Cayce Readings to the Daily Clinical Practice of Medicine
William A. McGarey, MD and Gladys T. McGarey, MD

The Correlation of Medicine and Religion: A Holistic Approach
Evads C. Loomis, MD

Psychological Variables and the Immunological Response: 
A New Approach in the Treatment of Cancer
Alfred A. Barrigs, PhD and William S. Kroger, MD

Suggestions in Lieu of Sleeping Pills
Wallace A. Shefrill, MA

Cancer Research Based on Readings Given by Cosmic Awareness
Henry W. Allen and Evelyn C. Allen, MS

The Qabalistic Model of Wholeness
Aleph Green, MA, PhD

Whats Up for Docs: Predictions for the Next Thirty Years
Geoffrey A. Smith. MD

The Role of Nutrition in the Whole Man
Granville F. Knight, MD

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