The following articles are included in Volume II:

Volume II
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The Need for a Holistic Approach in Medicine
Malcolm C. Todd, MD

The Prime Cause of Healing
James Fadiman, PhD

Origins and Definitions
Richard Svihus, MD

Holistic Health and TM
Harold Bloomfield, MD

Barbara Brown, PhD

Autogenic Training
C. Norman Sheely, MD

Clairvoyant Diagnosis
Robert Leichtman, MD

Psycho-Sociological Aspects of Holistic Health
Jack Gibb, PhD

Religion and Healing
Marcus Bach, PhD

Applied Kinesiology
John F. Thie, DC

Nutrition from the Gound Up
Robert T. Pottenger, Jr., MD

Death Does Not Exist
Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Acupuncture, Taoist Thought and Healing
David Bresler, PhD

Ruth Robedson

The Healing Center of the Future
Evads G. Loomis, MD

Responsibility for Health
Jerry A. Green

The Holistic Health Revolution
George Leonard

Homeopathy, Homeotherapeutics and Modern Medicine
Victor M. Margutti, MD

Frank R. Haggard, DDS

Altering Consciousness
Richard P. Ingrasci

The Control of Inflammation
Frederick Boyer, MD

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Information printed on the back cover page of Volume II:

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as defined in the By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation

To promote Holistic Health, the balanced integration of the individual in all aspects and levels of being: body, mind and spirit, including  interpersonal relationships and our relationship to the whole of nature and our physical environment.

To establish educational and research programs, centers and clinics and to direct Holistic Health synergies of successful methods of traditional and alternative healing
and health programs and to provide a forum for individuals and organizations dedicated to promotion of Holistic Health.

P.O. Box 1233
Del Mar, CA 92014
(858) 481-7751

Date of lncorporation ~ August 5, 1976

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