The following articles are included in Volume III:

Volume III
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Sociological Implications of Holistic Health
George B. Leonard

Holistic Health - A Way of Life
Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

Wellness Education and Holistic Health: How They're Related
John W. Travis, MD

Integral Psychology and Esoteric Healing
Robert Gerard, PhD

Experiencing the Role of Spiritual Faith Healing in Holistic Health
Olga Worrall, PhD

Creating a New Functional Model of Body Healing Energies
William Tiller, PhD

Core Energetic Therapy: A Functional Process for Integrating Body, Mind and Spirit
John C. Pierrakos, MD

An Electronographic Study of Psychic States Obtained by Yoga
Loan Florin Dumitrescu. MD

Chinese Medicine: A Paragon of Holistic Medicine
Tsun-Nin Lee, MD

A Practical Approach to Creating Holistic Health Centers
Donald A. Tubesing, PhD

Holistic Psysiology of Mind/Body
Jim Polidora, PhD

Public Policy and Legal Implications of Holistic Health on the State and National Level
Rick Carlson, JD

Psychic Diagnosis
The Reverend Paul Solomon

Functional/Altitudinal Clearing Program
Joseph Spear, DO

Legal Considerations in the Search for Holistic Health
Dennis M. Warren

Spiritual Healing and Faith: An Integral Part of Holistic Health
Ruth Carter Stapleton

Talks on Love, Thought and Attitude, Manipulations, Exercise and Diet
Pierre Pannetier, ND

Health and Disease: A Biological and Metabiological Model
Jonas Salk, MD

Implications of a Court Case: An Experiment in Shared Responsibility
Dana UIIman

Separateness: A Key to Pathology
Robin Gordon

The Triangle of Health
William J. Goldwag, MD

The Medical Model of the Future
William Ulwelling

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Information printed on the back cover page of Volume III:

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A diverse selection of current papers by top leaders in the multi-faceted holistic health movement.

This authoritative group statement speaks from the forefront of the emerging medical paradigm that integrates health-care methods and concepts of the East with those of the West, unites Science with Religion, recognizes sound health as a tri-fold balance of well-being in body, mind and spirit and advocates an increased personal responsibility in caring for and developing oneself.

Rick Carlson, J.D.
George B. Leonard
Ruth Carter Stapleton*
Loan FlorinDumitrescu, M.D.
Pierre Pannetier, N.D.
William Tiller, Ph.D.
Robert Gerard, Ph.D.
John C. Pierrakos, M.D.
John W. Trayis, M.D.
William J. Goldwag, M.D.
Jim Polidora, Ph.D
Donald A. Tubesing, Ph.D.
Robin Gordon
Jonas Salk, M.D.*
Dana Ullman
Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan
The Reverend Paul Solomon
Dennis M. Warren
Tsun-Nin Lee, M.D.
Joseph Spear, D.O.
Olga Worrall, Ph.D.

Library of Congress Cat. Card No. 78-59776
ISBN 0-932238-00-9

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