The following articles are included in Volume IV:

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Holistic Health Research - A Top Priority
Hans Selye, MD

Holistic Health - A Top National Priority
David Harris

Creating Miracles - Side Effects of Holistic Health
Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD

Mesoderm--The Foundation of Experience
Jim Polldora, PhD

Designing Your Own Holistic Health Program
Harold Bloomfield, MD

Holistic Life Style
George Emery

A Holistic Health Experience
William Schutz, PhD

Integrating Holistic Health in Society
Jerome Lackner, MD

The Yoga of Holistic Health
Roy. Sri Swami Satchidananda

Mind Over Matter...Beyond the Production of Phenomena
Vernon Craig

Holistic into Synergistic
Paul Soloman

Spiritual Healing - Spirit of Holistic Health
John Ervin, JD

The Next Step: Healing Through Communication
Paul Brenner, MD

Anatomy of an Illness (As Perceived by the Patient)
Norman Cousins

Creating a New Functional Model of Body Healing Energies
Willare Tiller, PhD

Holistic Health: A Focus for Scio-Medical Research
Wornie L. Reed

Atavistic Communication by Touch in the
Psychological Treatment of Cancer by Intensive Meditation
Ainslie Meares, MD, DPM

The Relevance of Some Ayurvedic (Traditional Indian Medical)
Concepts to Modern Holistic Health
Harish C. Shukla, AMS, PhD
George F. Solomon, MD
Ramila E. Doshi, MD

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Information printed on the back cover page of Volume IV:

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Holistic health - a movement toward optimized health in society by
broadened medical parameters and increased personal responsibility
in health care and self-development.
"I believe that the holistic health movement has evolutionary significance;
that it has appeared at this particular point in time for very cogent reasons .... "
--Jonas Salk, M.D.
Journal of  Holistic Health, Vol. III
The Joumal of Holistic Health is an ongoing record of this important movement,
providing a forum for top authorities to present current ideas, perceptions and
Hans Selye, M.D.
Harold Bloomfield, M.D.
Norman Cousins
William Tiller, Ph.D.
Paul Brenner, M.D.
Plus thirteen others...
Library of Congress Cat. Card No. 78-59776
ISBN 0-932238-03-3
ISSN 0161-549t
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