The following articles are included in Volume V:


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Specialization in Medicine Need Not Exclude Holistic Health
Robert B. Livingston, MD

The Spiritual Path of Holistic Living
Reverend Terry Cole-Whittaker

Environment for Holistic Living
Jack R. Gibb, PhD

Holistic Health: A World View
Marcus McCausland

Health Care: A Way of Believing
Robert L. Swearingen, M.D.

Nutrition: A Basis for Holistic Health
Emanuel Cheraskin, M.D., DMD

Ancient Insights & Modern Discoveries: The Spiritual Basis of Holistic Health
Canon John Rossnor, PhD

India's Contribution to Holistic Health
Sri Swami Rama

Integrative Medicine
Edward Taub, M.D. & Barbara Taub, RN

The Spirit of Holistic Health
William R. Parker, PhD

Hypnosis and Altered States of Consciousness in the Holistic Process
Bedha Phillips Rodper, MD

China's Contribution to Holistic Health
Arthur W. Chung, MD

On Being a Spiritual Healer
Olga Worrall, PhD

The Tag of Movement: For Dancers of Life
AI Chung-liang Huang

Holistic Health
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Treatment Attitudes in Psychosis and Neoplasia
Christie Higgins, PhD

Conscious Psychotherapy
Ron Mann, PhD

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Information printed on the back cover page of Volume V:

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This Journal is the first to provide an overview and demonstration of holistic 
health and its emergence as a global awareness. Holistic Health is an emerging
 concept in the process of being created. It integrates synergistically a variety
 of disciplines and healing modalities pertaining to the well-being of the person 
on the level of body, mind and spirit. It pays particular attention to the often
displaced elements of loving care and spirit in the administration of health care. 
Consequently, the field involves leaders ranging from the various spiritual 
disciplines to the specialized medical sciences, bringing together research in 
areas on the leading edge of modern medicine, such as biofeedback, 
electromagnetic therapies and Para psychological studies, as they pertain 
to healing energies and related phenomena. Holistic health utilizes life 
enhancing practices from around the world. An example is Eastern healing
practices that provide acupuncture, acupressure, massage, yoga and 
specialized meditation. Of utmost importance in the new health model that is
being created by this synergy of disciplines is the concept of preventive
 medicine, which includes conscientious diet and exercise, as well as an
 increased personal responsibility in the actual healing process and the
 optimization of our state of being. Holistic health is serious business,
with snowballing influence in the A.M.A. and government circles 
and is gaining many "old school" supporters such as Jonas Salk and 
Malcolm Todd (former President of the A.M.A.).It is currently breaking through 
(due to media attention) into mainstream American culture.
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Al Huang
Bertha P. Rodger, M.D.
Emanuel Cheraskin, M.D.,D.M.D.
Sri Swami Rarna
Jack R. Gibb, Ph.D.
Robert L. Swearingen, M.D.
Olga Worrall, Ph.D.
Arthur W. Chung, Mh.D.
Christie Higgens,Ph.D.Cand.
Canon John Rossner,Ph.D.
Robert B.Livingston,M.D.
Marcus McCausland
Ron Mann, Ph.D.
Reverend Terry Cole-Whittaker
William R. Parker, Ph.D.
Edward Taub,M.D.
Barbara Taub,R.N.
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